What We Do

Anambra State Association Valencia is in the forefront of promoting Igbo Cultural heritage especially cultures of Anambra of Igbo extractions through Igbo music, language, food, festivals, Igbo spirituality and other cultural and social outlets. We provide information for Anambrarians living in Valencia as well as friends of Anambra interested in learning about Igbo culture and way of life by presenting all aspect of Igbo culture, history and tales via different activities.

  1. Igbo language instruction:We promote activities within our communities, such as Igbo language instruction, cultural art, youth forum and family picnic.
  2. Think home initiative:Beyond our shores we engage in projects geared towards improving the lives of people in towns and villages throughout Anambra state of Nigeria. We are responsive to our community’s needs through the relationships we build, neighborhood businesses, community organizations, in Valencia and in Anambra State of Nigeria
  3. Cultural Promotion: We promote immigrants’ self-organized cultural activities and develop their own understanding of culture and strengthen the awareness of their national origin and development of their home State.
  4. Empowerment programs:ASA organizes workshops, courses, exhibitions, concerts, leisure activities, counseling, sports, street activities, recreational activities as well as camps and seminars. We provide enabling environment for our members to procure and share common interest both professionally and socially. Through affiliation with other organizations both in Valencia and Nigeria and the government of Anambra State, we keep our members aware of state operations, community organizations and events and potential developments and changes in our communities.
  5. Integration programs: Multiculturalism and open-mindedness are taken into consideration in all of ASA’ activities, which are provided especially for youth, so they can integrate better into the society they live in. The association tend to act as a link between Spanish, immigrants, and the authorities.
  6. Orientation program:We are our brother’s keeper, so we have a dedicated team of experience members that provide guidance and direction for our Anambra people who comes into Valencia to ensure they are not misled or misguided to follow a wrong part.
  7. Education & Mentorship program: Education is especially important to us. we guide students who have entered Valencia to study to different opportunities that will help them achieve their academic goals and help in return to develop our people back home in the long run.
  8. Anambra Business & Cultural Project : we set out a day in a year from inward reflection, during which we conduct conferences, workshop, summits, seminar on economic and infrastructural development pf Anambra State.
  9. Children &Youths project: ASA Valencia has plan to start a full functional Igbo language & Culture school for our youth and little children. We believe the youth are the future of tomorrow and we need to train, to groom and mold them culturally and build a pool of youth leaders not only to serve the groups but more importantly to serve our state.

Maintain and Transfer Cultural values to our next generation: We are passionate about our rich cultural heritage and are committed to enhancing cultural awareness amongst Umu -Igbo and friends of Igbo land. There is a compelling need to acquire or build Anambra Community in Valencia.  Our Spanish born children, immigrants, youths, adults. We believe that the Anambra Palace (Obi Anambra) in Valencia will open doors for meaningful programs and skillful activities that will positively build our teenage children and youths into stability. In sustaining our community goals and objectives.