As a financial and active member of our association, you shall be granted all benefit that the association provides, therefore shall have the following benefits and privileges

Fundamental Rights

  1. Right to vote for ASA leaders (Full members only)
  2. Right to hold ASA office (Full members only)
  3. Right to serve as an ASA committee chair (Full members only)
  4. Right to serve as an ASA committee member
  5. Right to be recognized/to receive ASA awards without bias of religion, sex, tribe or gender.
  6. Right to be visited in good or bad circumstance (Marriage, Child delivery, Sickness, death, anniversary and other events)
  7. Right to be given any entitlement mapped out for such event defined in Section 15.01
  8. Honoring of invitations by the Union on social events if invited officially
  9. The association shall defend the rights of members of the Association through legal means when necessary

Child birth:

On the event of a child birth / Naming ceremony of a member and the Union is officially informed, the Union will send delegate to visit the family either in the hospital or at home as may be preferred by such member. The delegate will present gift worth fifty euro (€50) to the family.

Child dedication / naming ceremony:

A financial member’s child naming ceremony, whereby the Union is officially invited, the Union will attend in group, sing, dance and present to the family amount raised during rubbing of powder. Each member is entitled to only one visit.


A marriage involving a financial member if officially informed to the Union will be attended in a group. The Union will sing and dance for the married couple. The Union will present a gift of cash of a two hundred euro (€200). Individual members may as well present their own gifts to the married couple.

All other members benefits shall be in accordance with provisions on the Constitution of the Association.