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History of Anambra state

What are top facts to know about Anambra state? Anambra is a state located in southeastern Nigeria.

According to oral tradition, the title ‘Anambra’ is an anglicized version of the original title ‘Oma Mbala’ which is the native name of the Anambra River which flows through the area being a tributary of the Niger River.

The capital of the state is Awka. Onitsha, Ekwulobia, and Nnewi are the biggest commercial and industrial centers. Anambra state’s slogan is “Light of the nation”.

Anambra state is among the 5 eastern Nigerian states. It is bounded by Delta state to the west, Imo State to the south, Enugu State to the east and Kogi State to the north.

The biggest ethnic groups in this state are an Igbo speaking state (97% of the population) in the south-eastern part of Anambra state and 3% of the population of Igala speaking people living mostly in the north-western part.

As mentioned above, most of the population (97 percent) of Anambra State are members of the Igbo group who are widely known for their determination and great love for entrepreneurship.

The Anambra Igbo often move to other states of Nigeria and every region of the world. Wherever they live, their hard work, humility, and entrepreneurial spirit make them stand out in all their activities.

That is why Anambra State has the motto: Light of the nation. The most popular fact about the Anambra state is that it is the most densely populated and the 2d most developed state in Nigeria after Lagos. An average density of 1,5-2 thous. persons/km2.

The population growth rate in Anambra State is 2,31% per year, over 65% of people are living in the cities which makes it one of the most urbanized places in Nigeria.

Also, it has the highest literacy rate and the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria. There was a period in the country’s history when most of the states couldn’t pay the workers, but Anambra state was the only state even to increase workers salary.

This is the first state where a female governor, Dame Virgy Etiaba, was elected.

The most notable people coming from Anambra state include Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nigeria’s first president; Nwafor Orizu, Nigeria’s first senate president; Chief Alex Ekwueme, Nigeria’s vice president; Chinua Achebe, one of the most popular African writers, and others.

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