Sovereign Arthur Eze was destined to the illustrious group of Ukpo Kingdom in Anambra State Nigeria. He is the author and executive of Atlas Oranto Petroleum an indigenous oil investigation and creation organization; one of Africa’s biggest exclusive investigation and creation organizations with numerous auxiliaries and speculation over the mainland.

Via preparing, he is a specialist having prepared in Chemical and Mechanical designing in California State University Long Beach. In the zone of business, Prince Arthur Eze is adaptable, bullish and insightful with speculations across areas and spatial limits.
He is a notable business big shot whose commitment to oil and gas advancement in Africa where his organization claims 22 oil and gas licenses in 11 locales is sensational. He is alive to his corporate social duty as he has reliably affected his business condition notwithstanding supporting and enabling many new businesses.
In any case, past his business astuteness and resourcefulness, he is an altruist for each greatness who has superbly enjoyed demonstrations of liberality, magnanimity, good cause and philanthropic assistance. His moral standards appear to spin around giving.