About Us

Anambra State Association Valencia is a socio-cultural organization registered in Valencia, Spain as a non-profit organization, with membership based on common heritage, shared dreams and purpose. We are dedicated to membership empowerment through capacity building, with commitment to design and organize programs, seminars and workshops that inform, educate and enlighten her members and the public.
ASA Valencia has its membership from good spirited Anambrarians living, studying and/or working in Valencia, Spain. These individuals with the need to unite together to support one another are fully committed to the honest advocacy, pursuit, and actual practice and living of the life of love, peace, unity, togetherness, cooperation, understanding and justice in all matters of common communal interest to the Igbo man and woman and to Anambra State and Nigeria.

As true sons and daughters of the soil and great patriots of our great Anambra state, we are fully present in our members lives, sharing in their joys (e.g. Weddings, Marriages, Childbirth, Graduations, Job promotions, Birthday), sorrows (e.g. bereavement) and challenges (unemployment, marital issues, integration, racisms).

We love to be good ambassadors of our people both home and abroad. Therefore, we seek to unite all Anambra indegenes living in Valencia and to contribute to the cultural heritage and the integration of our member in order to make their stay in the country more productive and more pleasant.

The association is fully dedicated to the development of Anambra State in Nigeria, with commitment to generating and executing ideas capable of complimenting the initiatives of Anambra State Government with special focus on grassroots and core disadvantaged areas.


To maintain the continuum of ‘being our brothers keepers’, we have elected and unanimously resolve to constitute ourselves into a formal Union and to be governed and regulated by our Constitution in order to sustain and entrench a formal relationship with one another, through which brotherhood, mutual understanding, love, trust and development can be cultivated and maintained among us and with the rest of Anambrarians in Nigeria.

ASA-Valencia believes in partnership and collaboration with stakeholders hence is a member of Anambra State Association Europe & Anambra State Association Worldwide. This membership is aimed at lubricating the wheels of social inclusion of the wider Anambra community all over the world.